10 Surprising Facts About Cloning You Never Knew

You have seen people cloning others in the science fiction movies or must have read about it in various books that have no link with reality whatsoever. However, with the passing time technology has advanced so much that cloning is a part of reality now there are many people out there who know everything about it. But there are certain facts about cloning that you might to still know. For example, the term “Cloning” was introduced by John Haldane during one of his speeches in 1963.



The general impression regarding cloning is that animals that are made through this process cannot be eaten. However, the truth is a bit different! FDA that is responsible for monitoring all the food products that are supposed to be sold has approved the sale and use of the products that are made from cloned animals and their offspring.



In case you are curious about how the cloned animals look like and which animals are cloned, you would like to know that Ferret is one of the animals that has gone through the process back in 2006. The experimenting didn’t end there because this creature was further kept under observation to study cystic fibrosis. We never thought that a process as complicated as cloning would not be a part of fiction anymore.

Cloned Ferret


You might be wondering that when was the process of cloning carried out for the first time because it requires a lot of advancement of technology. Many of you would even think that Ferret was probably the first animal that was a product of cloning, but the answer is shocking. The first animal was cloned back in 1885 when science had yet to progress, and the name of this creature was Sea Urchin. If 1885 was the year of the beginning of this process, then it won’t be hard for you to imagine the year the idea was introduced in.

Cloned Sea Urchin


For those who are thinking that what other things are being cloned right now, it is only animals that are subject to it. The creatures that are a part of the list are cats, dogs, deer, horses, mule, oxen, rabbits, rats, and even a rhesus monkey. Well, we wouldn’t have been surprised if humans were included too because the extent of which science has advanced, it won’t be a hard job.

Cloned animals


Cloning is more like taking the nature into your control and creating creatures that didn’t exist earlier. For example Dolly, the sheep who has been quite famous was a cloned animal, and the process started from a simple cell that had nothing to do with the fertilization process.

Cloned animal, Dolly the sheep


Until today, we were surprised that why have scientists not started cloning humans because it would have been more interesting but now we know the reason! Cloning of humans and primates is much more complicated and carrying out this process on them is harder than any other mammal. The reason behind this are the two proteins known as the spindle proteins.

Human cloning


The consequences of the artificial process of replicating species that already exist are indeed great because this process is far from nature. And one of these impacts is the highly fatal Large Offspring Syndrome. About 50% of the cloned cattle suffers from this issue because, despite all the progress, it is given that we still do not understand the entire makeup of various species.

Large offspring syndrome


There is still a lot of room for the advancement and research because no matter how advanced the science has got, the scientists still need to discover a lot of things that they think they know all about. Despite the fact that 90% of the experiments fail in the labs, the people involved in the process are still hopeful, and CLONAID is the first ever human cloning company founded in 1997.



This article must be interesting for all those who love discovering about science, especially about the complicated processes. And we are sure that you want to know a lot of more about cloning because no matter how complex it is, you will have to admit that it is interesting. So, we have a video that shows more of these facts! Give it a watch and don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you!

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