10 Ways People Are Trying To Contact Aliens

The existence of aliens has been an exciting area of research for the scientists and over the years they have conducted countless experiments to find out whether any other creatures exist apart from the humans on the other planets. And the only way they could find it out was by trying to communicate with them, so a lot of research was carried out for the purpose of contacting them. What one of the ways that they believed could help was through a Large Hadron Collider that would create and detect mini black holes making the communication easier. Some even said that the massive power output of the collider could even make the aliens recognize it and respond.

The Large Hadron Collider


NASA has been involved in this research too, and they worked on the Voyager mission back in the 1970’s. Through this project, they sent various probes in the outer space that contained golden vinyl which carried sounds, music, speech and information that was recorded so that they could be transferred so that the scientists could see if they could get any response.

Sending Probes Into Space


Through the widely carried out research, it was discovered that the aliens have been creating crop circles to contact the humans and so one of the ways that people tried contacting them was through these crop circles. The rationale behind these important symbols was that they would help the scientists grab the attention of the aliens if any spacecraft passes from nearby.

Making Crop Circles


One of the changes that modernity has made to the world is that humans have started to find the solutions to every problem in the computer. The question that how do we know if aliens are trying to contact us has been in the minds of the scientists and as a result, Dr. John Elliot of SETI ended up developing a special algorithm that is going to help them know if the signals from space are random impulses or deliberate communications.

Creating Computer Programs To Translate Alien Languages


One of the weirdest ways adopted by people to communicate with the aliens was by the transmissions of the commercials out of the planet. In 2008, the EISCAT research institute broadcasted Doritos commercial at the potentially habitable location, and that transmission occurred for six hours after they encoded it in binary form.

Transmitting Commercials Out Of The Planet


Human innovation knows no bounds and since they seem quite desperate to contact the aliens so they would cross any limit to achieve their goal. Music also happens to be one of the ways that they used to communicate with the aliens as they used Theremin which is an electrical musical instrument that is capable of transmitting the voice over long distances. The idea was introduced by the Russian scientist Alexander Zaitsev who thought that composing music and sending it towards nearby stars would help.

Composing Music On A Theremin


After the advancement of technology, infrared has been replaced, but the researchers at the SETI are using robust sensors that can detect infrared signals from thousands of light years away. This is not only going to confirm the existence of aliens but will also help the scientists figure out that where these signals are coming from!

Infrared Sensors in space


The Voyager project was not the only effort made by the researchers as the Pioneer 10 and 11 were a unique spacecraft launched into a particular direction because they hoped that the aliens would intercept them. The probes had a special plaque that could show them that how do humans look like along with a map as an aid for them to find out where the earth is.

Sending Pictures Of Nude People Into Space


The Arecibo message happened to be the brainchild of Frank Drake and Carl Sagan, and it was designated to send various messages into space. These messages contained information as critical as the structure of the DNA, atomic numbers of elements and images of the life on earth but it seems like the aliens are not interested in communicating with humans because they never responded.

Arecibo Message


The last of these ways is the project launched by Stephen Hawking in 2015 which is also known as the Breakthrough project and is a $100 million project that aims to carry out research on the nearby stars and planets, looking for abnormal signals. It also includes pointing powerful telescopes into specific locations so that the analyzed data can be gathered. Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t forget to SHARE the article with those who are obsessed with aliens!

The Breakthrough Initiative


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