7 Fresh Exercises For A Healthy Spine

In our busy lifestyle and those hectic days, we forget about the most important thing in our body and that is to worry about our spine! Yes, we can hurt our spine without even knowing! Usually, in the day we are sitting without even thinking twice about our posture! And you may not know about it but certain postures affect our spines more than anything, and you can end up with back pain!

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Now spine is a very complicated thing in the body, in fact, it is the most delicate thing in the human body! If the spine gets disturbed in the body even for a little, it could make a person disable for life! People do pushups and extremely heavy lifting which affect the spine in the worst way possible, but now with these exercises, you could protect your spine!

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So one thing that you all must know is that stretching yourself isn’t going to do any bad for you but good! The first exercise that you can do is going to help you a lot! Lie down on your back and relax! Bend your right leg at the knee and then stretch out your left leg above your head. So now grasp it with both of your hands pull it under your torso! Now hold this exercise for at least 30 seconds!



The second exercise is to bend both of your legs at the knee! Now this is a little different from the first exercise because in that you are going to grasp your left leg with both hands at the knee and pull it towards your torso! Unlike the first exercise, you have to hold your position for just 20 seconds! And then repeat it with both legs!

spine exercise


You will have to lie on your back and after it, you will stretch your right arm outside! But be careful that you are stretching your arm out at an angle with your body! Now stretch your left leg out so that it is in a straight position! And for some people, it will be difficult but try to stretch your right knee towards your left side to the extent that it touches your left hand!



Most of the exercises require you to lie on the back! So after you have done that part, bend your left leg at the knee! Now you will pull out your left leg and place the lower half of it crosswise over your left thigh so that your knee is pointing out towards a right angle! Now be careful in this and pull your left leg towards your head and hold this position for about 30 seconds!

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This exercise position is a little bit different from what all the exercises are! First, you need to lean on the floor with your right knee and stretch out your leg behind you and make sure that your left leg is bent right at the knee! You can repeat this exercise with different legs and then hold the position for just 30 seconds!

good spine exercise


This one is somewhat similar to the previous exercise and in this one you will lie down on the right side of the body and then bend your left leg at the knee, grasping your ankle with your left hand and now carefully place your hand on the ankle which will make the tensing high in your muscles! With this, your spine will be bent to a great extent and just hold this position for just 30 seconds!



You have to bend your entire body in this one! Firstly stand arms’ length and then bend your body, it should be kept in mind that only the upper body should be bent; you will bend more and at one point you can touch the edge of the table with both hands! Your arms will be stretched out and then stand straight up after every exercise!

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All these exercises will provide amazing results for your spine and even if you have a certain type of spasms or muscles pains in your body, it will all be over after you do these exercise properly! Happy stretching!