Easy Steps To Stop Spending Hours In The Kitchen Making Lasagne

Everyone loves food especially the one that has a lot of cheese in it because cheese makes you enter a whole new world when it melts in your mouth. So, whenever you go out to grab food, you always prefer cheesy food like lasagne because of the taste. However, you won’t get a lasagne whenever you would crave for it because at times you will be out of money and sometimes you won’t find any place where you can get it from.

Olive oil in pot


So, what people do is that they try making lasagne at home but the problem with that is that it takes quite a lot of effort and time to make it. Nobody has the time to spend an entire day in the kitchen just for the sake of a craving and so we bring you the perfect solution to your problem. Neither will you have to order lasagne nor will you waste multiple hours in the kitchen.

Sausages in pot


This recipe is not going to require as much effort as you make when you bake a lasagne so simply start off by taking a medium pot and pouring two tablespoons of oil in it. While the oil is being heated up get 1 cup chopped onions that you prepared for the recipe and put them in the pot. Now add half a cup of finely chopped garlic to enhance the taste.

Tomato sauce


Stir it for a while and then add sausages in the pot. The sausages will take some time to get cooked and to speed up the process, keep stirring it so that the onions and the garlic mix well with the sausages. In a few minutes, the color of the sausages is going to change but to make sure that they are cooked properly, add about a cup of water.

lasagna sheets


While the sausages are still in the pot, add one cup tomato sauce to add taste to your food. Now immediately take four lasagne sheets, cut them into smaller pieces and place it on top of the contents that are in there. We bet you are going to enjoy this new recipe of lasagne, and you wouldn’t have ever made it in such a short time.

Crushed tomatoes


After placing the lasagne sheets, wait for a while before you add more tomato sauce to enhance the flavor. Don’t forget to add some crushed tomatoes that will add further taste to the delicious lasagne that will melt in your mouth. If you want to add some spices of your choice, then you are most welcome to do so because it’s all about the taste which varies from person to person so go ahead and start experimenting.

Dont waste hours on lasagne


However, when you have added your favorite spices, add basil on the top and increase the flame before you place the lid on the top to let it cook for 20 minutes so that the sausages develop that delicious taste while they absorb the spices and the sauces that you added. Just keep checking until you are sure that the job is done.

Mozarella cheese


After 20 minutes, remove the lid of the pot and add five tablespoons of Ricotta along with 2 cups of mozzarella cheese to add a delicious cheese flavor. You can add as much cheese as you want to depend on the amount of cheese that you like. Do not mix the cheese because we want a thick layer of cheese on the top!



Now once again add some basil on top of cheese and be sure that your tomato gravy is thick enough to tempt you. On the top lies a very thick and mouth-watering layer of cheese which you will not be able to resist. You can use this recipe whenever some guests are coming at short notice because it hardly takes 25 minutes.

Lasagne alternate


In case you are confused about any step in the recipe, we have the video of the process for you so do give it a watch and note steps. Also, don’t forget to SHARE it with all the foodies around who do not like putting in a lot of effort but demand a delicious meal.

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