There’s A Secret Room On Planes That The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know About

In case you have noticed the flight attendants just look so fresh and always glowing no matter how long the flight is, they will always have their makeup on fleek and hair on place and the men attendants would be as they have just come out of tanning sessions! They just get expert when it comes to hiding all their exhaustion!

plane interior

And you know what, there are hundreds of rules that these flight attendants have to follow before they even take a seat to sit down! There are so many people who think that the flight crew is there just to serve you the cold drinks but before they get to their job they have to do a lot of training and smile regardless.

flight attendant

They get trained for any bad incident that could happen on the plane! Well, they certainly do all the hard work, and the next thing they do for you is to put a smile on their faces and not showing you how much tired they are! But have you ever wondered where do these people get rest when in long hours flight?

resting area in plane

So many of you don’t know this, but the flight attendants have a mini section where they go to rest! And I’m not talking about plane seats, but they have a small compartment with mattresses and pillows where these people could also snooze for a little bit! Haven’t noticed the little height of the seat space?

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So on the upper area of the plane, there is a space which has the mattress and some pillows with little curtains pulled in between so the necessary privacy is maintained! Although there are no windows and the workers couldn’t see outside, but they just get a place to lie down for a bit! And each section has a light so that if anyone wants to read or is afraid of the dark!

small bedroom in plane

And yes people you are thinking right that every one of them has to sleep there! Obviously, the plane doesn’t have this much space that it would give each of the attendants their bedrooms, so that’s why space is divided! It means that you have to sleep with everyone else and just imagine that if anyone snores!

flight notice

And it isn’t like that you only pull the curtains and then anyone could pull them away if they want to but the curtains are tucked in so that no one can enter into your space whenever you are sleeping in the compartment! The compartments can be found on the upper are of the cockpit!

inside airplane

Well if you thought that the flight attendants could go up to the cockpit and sleep whenever they want then you are wrong because the rules are extremely tough, and they aren’t allowed even to sit until and unless they are completely done with their job to serve the people!


In case you have always wondered that the extra door right next to the bathroom is of no use, it is the door to the compartment for the flight attendants! When you open the door, there will be little stairs which will be leading to the resting area for the flight attendants! The crew of the plane needs a special code or key to access to the area!

flight attendant bedroom

And in some airplanes, there isn’t any staircase, but you have to open a hatch which looks like an overhead bin and then you enter in the area! But the crew isn’t allowed to enter the area during landing, or takeoff! The crew went in the resting area to have a cup of tea or have a chit chat with others!

flight attendant crew

And not just the flight attendants but the pilots also have a separate area where they could get some sleep on the plane! The pilot’s beds are bigger than that of the crew attendants! Separate night lights are also installed!

bedroom in airplane

Some airlines also give PJ’s to the pilots so that they could slip in and have a good sleep in them! There isn’t much room to walk in it, but you can always go and stretch yourself in those hour long flights!

women flight attendants