THESE 4 Secret Ingredients Will Make Finger Licking Mars Rice Krispie Squares

Food makes everyone happy, especially if it’s a dessert that you can have anytime of the day. The majority of us feel our mood instantly lifted when we get snacks that are sweet because such stuff is our weakness and when we are craving for it, we could even kill for it. However, getting into the hassle of making such a delicious snack is tiring because we crave for such things on daily basis and nobody has the time to run to the kitchen every time we want it.

Mars Rice krispie recipe

Hence, we want something as a snack that is not only sweet but we can also preserve it for a longer time so that you could just grab it anytime time of the day. It would get even better if it is made up of a chocolate because it has the capability of making everything taste better.

Mar rice krispie squares

Today we have a perfect snack recipe for you! It’s called, Mars Rice Crispy. The best part of this recipe is that it only requires four ingredients that are easily available everywhere. All you need is a few Mars chocolate bars or a milky bar in case you live in America, butter, rice crispies and cooking chocolate.

Mars bars

The very first thing that you need to do is cut the Mars chocolate bars into small pieces so that it gets easier to melt. You can use any chocolate but the reason for which we want you to use this particular chocolate is because of the caramel that is present in it. The caramel is going to make it taste even better! After chopping the chocolate into chunks, put it into a bowl that is on top of a pan of simmering water.

Meltng mars chocolate and butter

Now add butter in the same bowl so that both the ingredients can melt together. You might be wondering that why are we putting these ingredients together so the purpose of doing so is that butter acts as a glue for Mars and so, it is going to keep everything intact. Keep stirring constantly with a whisk to make it better and since the chocolate doesn’t melt quickly so it is important to keep stirring.

Mars chocolate and butter mellting

Once the chocolate bar and the butter have melted, remove the bowl from the pan and keep them aside. Now, put the cooking chocolate in a bowl and put that bowl on the top of the pan. While it is being heated, keep whisking the mixture of butter and Mars because there might be some lumps in there.

Rice krispie

Now, take the rice crispies in a bowl and pour the chocolate and butter mixture on it. With the help of a spoon, mix them together so that the rice crispies have an even coating of the melted chocolate. The best part about this recipe is that anyone can make it and if you don’t want to use the stove for melting purpose then you could even use your microwave oven to do the job.

Mars rice krispie square recipe

Take a baking pan and place parchment paper in it. Then empty the mixture in that pan and use a wooden spoon to level the rice crispies. In this entire process, keep checking on your cooking milk chocolate and try whisking it side by side so that it is heated by the time you are done with the rest of the work. Now what you have to do is spread the melted chocolate on the rice crispies evenly!

Melting chocolate

Your job is done now because it is time that you place the baking pan in the refrigerator to let the crispies cool and settle with the chocolate. When you find it all cooled, then use the parchment paper to conveniently lift it from the pan and grab a knife to slice the big square into smaller ones.

Marz rice krispie squares

So now whenever you crave for something sweet and crispy, you will have your stock already. We hope that you liked the recipe and are gathering the ingredients by now to make some. But before you run towards the kitchen, SHARE the article with your friends and family and don’t forget to watch the video of the recipe!

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