THIS Girl Curled Her Hairs Using T@mpons, Because Why Not?

A good hairdo can change your looks completely, making you look much more beautiful and different which is why girls love experimenting with their hair. They keep trying new hairstyles just to see that what suits them and what doesn’t look as appealing. Besides, carrying the same hairstyle every time eventually makes you look dull and so there is always a need to try new and better things no matter how stupid they may sound at first.

Hair curling

One of the most common hairstyles that girls try for change is curls because they have an element of sophistication and elegance in them. At first, it used to take a lot of time for ladies to curl their hair but with the passage of time, the introduction of new curling equipment has not only made it a quick but a convenient option.

Using sanitry to curl hair

The two frequently used mediums of hair curling are the hair curling rod and the rollers; both these methods are known for the perfect curls but there is always room for experiment and trying out new things, isn’t it? Today, we bring you a method of curling your hair that you wouldn’t have ever heard of! In fact, you will be surprised when you get to know about it, so let’s get going!

unique curl hair

So, this lady uses tamp0ns to get her hair curled up! We know the idea of it is incredibly bizarre, but if you have some spare time on your hands and you feel bored, then you might just want to give it a try. For this “experiment” you are going to need a lot of tampons and before you start curling, just unwrap as many tamp0ns as you can. The lady who is doing it found it weird but since she has tried curling with things like Cheetos, so it seems like a comparatively better idea.

Curling hair guide

So, on damp hair, she starts rolling the tampons taking one strand at a time and to make sure that the tamp0ns stay on her hair, she secures them by using bobby pins. Well, that is surely going to take a lot of time because wrapping all your hair, strand by strand is not an easy job.

Hair wrapping tips

When, after so much of time, she is done wrapping all her hair, she tells the viewers not to try it because of the amount of time it consumes and those irritating tampon strings that keep hanging over your nose. She then goes on with the process and dries her hair so that the hair gets curled and for that, she covers them with a plastic cover which is going to stay for about forty minutes.

hair curls tips

This idea is new but it is not as easy because very few people can handle so many tamp0ns on their head besides, there won’t be so much of space on your scalp for them, and those bobby pins are going to make things worse. However, at this stage, you cannot back out, so she dries her hair using a hair drier which is the last step before you finally find out how did the experiment go.

Hair curling methods

Now, be very patient and start taking off the bobby pins and unwrapping the tampons. And as she takes them off, it is clear that the curls are not so neat, in fact, they are messy. But when she is done getting rid of all the tamp0ns, it looks good! Not as good as the proper curling but those tight curls look better than what we expected out of tamp0ns.

hair curls

We know that not all of you are appealed by the idea of using tamp0ns to curl your hair when so many other methods are available. But, this was a successful try and even this lady loves it and she might even consider trying it again. So, are you thinking of giving it a try?

Curly hair advice

In case you want to see how she did it, here’s the video in which the woman shows how you do it. So, even if you do not like the idea very much, just give it a watch and see if you want to try it. And don’t forget to SHARE it with all the “adventurous” girls around you!